Monday, March 30, 2015

You Deserve It

There is a difference between appreciation, and thinking your lucky to have something. I see many people who feel their just lucky to have that job or lucky they have what they have. But these people are usually the most miserable people around. They think their life would be worse off without that job, yet they are not happy, they are far from it. They feel trapped, they put up with complete nonsense, hate their boss, hate the workplace and hate everything about it, yet they tell themselves, they are lucky to have that job. What I say is, if your not happy, change it. Take that big step and make yourself happy. Your goal in life is to be happy, not compliant or just getting by, or it'll get better later on when I retire. You have to live for today, enjoy today, be happy today! Appreciating things is about being happy and proud of what you are, who you are, and knowing you deserve to be happy all the time. People are so caught up with making a living, their not making a life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Ain't Nothing

Been hearing a new song lately, This Ain't Nothing - by Craig Morgan. Not only is it a good song, it's like so true also. It's basicly saying that little petty things people are whining (complaining) about are not important. And the funny thing is it seems like I'm noticing lots of examples lately. I'm reading facebook and people are always airing their dirty laundry, their personal life all over it. Bitchng and complaining like there life is over, and usually over the most trivial of things. Facebook is not working well, the computer is slow, they're gonna miss a TV show, the internet went down for a while and so on, it doesn't stop there, at work someone's always complaining about something. In fact it seems to be every where. Then there is real legit things that really put things in perspective. Yesteday I was reading about someone upset (could it get any worse)cause they were missing a TV show, and then I read about a friend who's mom passed away, and he says at least she's with his dad now. His mom passed away, and he's looking at the possitive side. It seems that when real tragedy hits, people see it face value and look for hope and love to pull them through. But when trivial things happen, people respond with such disspair. I was at work today, and heard the usual, and even more speculation of how work sucks and that the work might even come to and end. All to be put back in perspective as I walk in a patient's room, a thin elderly lady who is bald from chemo, and she looks up at me and smiles, Now That Is Something.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little Busy These Days

Well, lots happening right now, so much, I haven't had time to blog. Got a new job, started Casual, but after training and 2 shifts, now I'm Temporary Part Time. I'm a housekeeper at our Hospital. We also went on Holidays a month ago, a wedding for my Neice and some more geocaching. One cache I went to, I saw a couple having sex on a picnic table. How's that for a caching experience. LOL. Max is getting old and sore these days, so his exercise routine is cut way back, which affects both Mishu and I. I bought a new GPS for all the caching I've been doing. It's very cool, but there are glitches that need to be addressed. And my mom was in and out of the hospital this past week. I think she just wanted to follow me to my workplace like I was in Kindergarten or something. It's been lots of fun getting my needles and vaccinations up to date for work, I think I might be superhuman by the time it's all done, or I'll die from the stress. So as soon as I have time, (after resting, caching, catching up on everything else), I post a new blog about some of my adventures. Time to go to work, haven't got to say that for a while now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Public Safety Message

Ok, so I go to the gas station for a Tim's, they sell Tim Horton's coffee. There's a girl smoking out in front but far away from the pumps. And although she's far away from the pumps, she's standing under the vent pipes. For everyone's information, those pipes sticking out of the ground going straight up to 8 to 12 feet high are vent pipes. They are usually located further away from all the happenings of a gas station. Vent pipes allow air to go in or fumes to escape when filling up the big tanks. These fumes can be more dangerous than the gas itself as it's the gasoline in gas form that readily ignites. So although this girl is conforming to the smoking laws around the pump, she's endangering herself and everyone around. She's probably not even aware of the dangers, but they are there. Many times it's the placement of these pipes, I've seen some near restaurant entrances and many along the drive thru's. So someone could be ordering a double double, smoking in their car and parked underneath the vent pipes of a gas station. The pipes are high and usually vent with enough air by wind, but under certain circumstances, the fumes can linger and form a cloud just above the ground. Certainly smoking within this clouds could have catastrophic results. So if your a smoker and you just need your nicotine fix, keep away from gas stations and especially the vent pipes that are always a safe distance from the source.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What's your Motto

There comes a time in every ones life where they come across something that gives them a purpose, a reason, a motto to live by. It could be something a friend tells you, something from a mentor, come from a song or a poem, a life experience or even something from TV. Whatever or wherever, you know right there and then, that's the way your gonna live your life by. Mine came from a poem I read somewhere (don't even remember where anymore) but I copied it, framed it and been living by it ever since. Didn't even know the author of it and when I finally Google'd it just a few years ago, found out there was even more to the poem. There is still many different variations and it was believed to be written on someone's cell wall, but now claimed to be written by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934, Whoever, whatever and whenever doesn't really matter to me, all I know is the first two verses have been my motto, words that I live by.

Man In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self

And the world makes you king for a day,

Just go to the mirror and look at yourself

And see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father or mother or wife

Whose judgment upon which you must pass.

The fellow whose verdict counts most in you life

Is the one staring back from the glass.

Basically my take on it is:
that you have to live with yourself, so make sure you do things that you can live with doing.
Others can have influence and guidance, but you have to do what you think is right.
You don't have to please everyone, you have to please yourself

And with that being said, I like to keep within these guidelines. I've sometimes did somethings that others don't agree with or approve of, but they can deal with their own feelings, I'll deal with mine. It's hard sometimes (Ok, lots of times) because people don't really know the whole story, so sometimes you seem like the bad guy, but your not, but you may be the only one who knows. Sometimes you want to explain, but then again, that could only backfire and then they think your just covering your own ass. So it's easier to do like the poem says,"what you think and know is all that matters". It sometimes seems like the "nice guy" finishes last, and when you try to help someone, you end up being the bad guy. It seems no matter what you do, someone got pissed at you, but then again, it's what you know that counts. I don't try to cover up or make excuses, as I know the truth, but that sometimes makes it even more complicated, but like I said, they can deal with their own problems.
Now at the same time it gives me a different perspective on others, like when I see a homeless person, I think, what was it in life that brought this person to be where they are today. Or a suicide, what sadness could of lead to such a fate. We should never judge others, as there is usually many circumstances that lead to such circumstances, sometimes things that are even beyond our realm. So it doesn't always excuse people, but it does give an different perspective.
This blog may of not been to everyone's satisfaction, but then again, as long as I'm satisfied, that's all that really counts.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Common (uncommon) sense

Common sense, I used to think that it was something everyone just has, but as I've learned, it seems, more people don't have it than do. You know simple things, like if you walk into a solid object, it's not gonna move, so you could be hurt. Or what goes up, must come down. Simple things that shouldn't need to be taught, but just known by all as obvious. But these obvious facts of life seem to elude so many. Sticking your tongue on a 9 volt battery, you'll feel a small shock. So obviously working with electricity in the house must be that much more dangerous. Walking into non movable objects hurt, so moving on bike or vehicle at faster speeds would do more damage. Raising your voice to a loved one, get's them upset, so arguing with a stranger, could provoke an attack. So why is it when someone is brought up with an alcoholic parent, they become an alcoholic parent. Knowing that it upset and embarrassed them, why would they put their kid through the same abuse. Or doing drugs and ruining thier life, and then getting their own kid to do drugs with them, helping ruining their life. There's so many examples and this is obviously just a blog, so I won't right a book. But why is this not common sense, that everyone just has common sense. People seem so oblivious that there have to be so many laws, just to try to stop people from doing what would be considered common sense. Don't text while driving, hmmm, so driving at 100kms an hour and not watching where your going, could be dangerous, and not only for you, but anyone who may be near or in your path. Or smoking with young kids in the confined area of a vehicle, may not be healthy for your kids. The government has to go to such lengths like a fire ban. No one is aloud to have a fire, be it a camp fire or for cooking. Now how much common sense would it take to know that fire spreads, so keep your fire pit in an cleared area and contained. Then there's some a little more complicated, like pouring chemicals down the drain can pollute the water, Hmmm, where did they think the plumbing goes to, some way out place in another galaxy. To if an oil well ruptures in an ocean, the oil will spill in such ocean. Even the so called experts didn't see that one.
So are laws the answer to the lack of common sense? Should we ban and outlaw anything and everything that people can't seem to figure out on their own, or do we let common sense weed them out on it's own. I am not totally sure but common sense tells me if we keep making laws for things that should be common sense, common sense and our freedom may just be lost forever.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Superior Sunset

So today was to be a somber day, on this day, we were to lay to rest my brother in law Rene Leclair. We had geocached our way to the Sault for this reason. We left Wednesday, stayed overnight in a tent at the Serpent River Campground, then arrived after a day of caching thursday evening. Friday we decided to go caching Stateside. Another great day was had. So now it was Saturday, the burial day. After a few days of freedom, just doing whatever we wanted to do, today was a planned day. We got up, had breakfast, got our showers and got dressed. It wasn't long before we were off to the cemetery. Meeting family members is always nice but akward, it seems like it's always when someone passes away. The ceremony was beautiful and then we took turns placing dirt over the urn. In my head I said my goodbye's and God Bless. Then we went back to my sister in law's for a little gathering and lunch. We enjoyed some food and conversation. Slowly people began to leave. After the last of the guest were gone, I was in need of something, it was a great day but it was a somber one, so I needed something, not to take my mind of what happened, but something that may help make this day a happier memory. So I started to look for a spot along Lake Superior where we could watch the sunset. I found a cache that seemed to have the perfect spot. We got in the truck and cached our way to this cache. We ended getting quite a few caches, and then it was getting close to sundown. We arrived at the spot, walked through a short trail that opened up to the Great Lake Superior. It was a perfect spot. I grabbed the cache and got that stuff out of the way. Then we started to take some pics. I also wanted to swim in Lake Superior, so I put on my swimsuit and went for a swim. What a great feeling, first time swimming and watching the sun go down on Lake Superior. Monique took more pics while I swam. Got out and dried off, and then joined her in taking pictures. Being there, with the love of my life, watching and photographing what I would call, the best sunset I've ever seen, on a day we just said our last goodbye's to someone we loved, made it a day that I will definitely never forget. It was and ending to all endings.
RIP Rene Leclair